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Our Progam

On the Job
On the Trail

Our program is to accept the responsibility to gentle your horse while at the same time teaching him how to reach his full genetic potential by giving him purposeful challenges that teach and reinforce what he is being directed to do. This is the natural way a horse learns. A wild mustang or even a range broodmare and colt never had a pretty boy horse whisperer in a designer hat and 3 foot silk scarf teach them how to survive and thrive in wild range country. No these horses learned and refined their survival skills by God given instinct and by actually doing. Our commitment to you the horse owner is that we will train and develop your horses by exposing him to a wide range of challenges and showing him how to deal with these challenges. Depending on the length of time you allow us to train your horse, he will be well on his way to becoming an accomplished ranch horse, competition cow horse or family pleasure horse. We start colts all the way to the finished horse.


We do not do clinics. “We don't rent pigs”! (Gus from Lonesome Dove.) We are multi-generational ranchers and traditional horsemen that have a gifted ability for training horses in a system that has been passed down through the generations of Stenberg’s. On weekends we go on mountain or Flathead River rides, these rides are not part of any training program but rather are purely a social get together that you can take your horse and a lunch and enjoy the grandeur of Montana.

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